Congresbury Small Animal Kennels

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Welcome to rabbit and guinea pig paradise!  Congresbury Small Animal Kennels is a wellClick to enlarge established boarding home for small animals.  We specialise in rabbits and guinea pigs but can board hamsters, gerbils and even some birds.  We have over an acre of secure and peaceful garden, and an air conditioned outbuilding.  Here's what your pet can look forward to:-

1)  Large, secure indoor hutches inside a locked, brick outbuilding for your pets at night.
2)  Large outdoor runs on an acre of grass, the animals spend all day outside unless the weather is very adverse.
3)  As well as an enclosed 'house', all runs are protected from rain or sun as necessary.
4)  A fresh area of grass and fresh straw for each run, every day.
5)  All runs and hutches cleaned every day.
6)  All runs and hutches disinfected between each stay.
7)  All animals checked over every day and groomed if necessary.
8)  Rabbits are checked for fly-strike twice a day.
9)  Fresh food supplied daily, even dandelions which are hunted down by Jackie most days!
10)  Fresh water to runs and hutches daily.

Click to enlargeWe are open 7 days a week from 1000 until 1600 for drop offs and pick ups.

Don't forget, Congresbury Small Animal Kennels is one of the most experienced boarding kennels for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals in the Somerset and Bristol area.  Customers come from Wales, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and even as far as Buckinghamshire.

** Visit our Prices page for up to date prices, please note we charge extra for giant rabbits **