Congresbury Small Animal Kennels

  Visitor comments

"Harry always comes here for his holidays. He is very well looked after and it's nice to know he's safe and sound when we are away enjoying ourselves too!"
Mr and Mrs P. Richards - Nailsea

"Our 2 bunnies have stayed here on holiday for the past 4 years. They are always well looked after and we wouldn't send them anywhere else."
Richard, Sarah and Charlotte - Wrington

"Scruffy and Bubbles have been coming to stay at Jackie and Keith's animal hotel for more than 5 years. They love coming here and we know they are fantastically well looked after."
Guy and Katie Atkins and Emily and Arabella - Bristol

"Better looked after here than they are at home which is why we keep coming back!"
Emma and Mark Taylor Moore

"Barney has been coming here for many years and we know he will be looked after, nothing is too much trouble for Jackie and Keith. He's a happy bunny here and we can relax."
Anna and Alan Walker plus Cameron and Alastair - Yate

"Twitch has been coming here for about 6 years and loves it. He gets out more than he does at home! Keith and Jackie look after him like one of their own."
Mr and Mrs Mitchell - Portishead

"Jackie and Keith at Congresbury Small Animal Kennels look after me so well, I always enjoy my stay with them and enjoy having neighbours to talk to while I nibble the lovely grass. My owners will not take me anywhere else."
Daisy (aged 5) for her bunny Bunny

"The best thing about Congresbury Small Animal Kennels is that the rabbits get to run on plenty fo grass during the day. Our rabbits are happier here than anywhere else!"
Tony Reddiford - Bristol

"Wonderful care and attention to my rabbits Molly and Toby. We have brought our rabbits here for years as it is the perfect 'home from home' experience."
Mary Hartley - Portishead

"Fluffy always looks forward to his holiday in Congresbury. Always very friendly and accommodating, even when we turn up a day early!
Phil/Carol/Ellie/Phoebe - Backwell

"It was so important to find the right kind of place for Marvin to stay in, and Jackie and Keiths small animal kennels are absolutely perfect. The care is second to none and Marvin always comes back home with a spring in his step!"
Trish - Bristol

"Jo-Jo and Stanley come to Congresbury Small Animal Kennels every time we go away. They get out on the grass every day. The hutches are kept scrupulously clean. Now our hamsters and gerbils come here for their holidays too!"
Kate Allen

"We love staying here. We are well looked after and fed. We are always free to play and we have great holidays here. Out hutch is always clean and there are lots of friends for us to see."
Pickles and Mango - The guinea pigs xxx

"The most fabulous home for rabbits. Should I die and come back as a rabbit I am going to live here....!"
Thank you, The Culleys xxx

"Our Rabbits have had 4 years of holidays here and they love it."
Phil, Helen Davies

"We couldn't think of a better place to bring out babies!"
Richard and Michele Croasdale

"This is our 4th visit and we have always been very impressed with the care given. Our guinea pigs always look very happy in the lovely garden and probably don't want to come home!"
The Jacksons

"Buster and Maisey come here every year for their lodging while we go on holiday. They are very well looked after and we are sure they enjoy their stay!"
Neil and Jane Sangster - Bristol

"Our rabbits have been well looked after whenever we have been away. Lots of green grass and spacious, clean hutches."
Pete and Sam

"Lucy is better looked after here than she is at home. I am more than happy with the care she gets. She was overweight when she started coming here but we've now had proper advice about her diet and now she's fine and we are saving a fortune on food! Highly recommended."
Gillian Ashley

"We always know we can go away and our guinea pigs will be happy, healthy and well looked after. The paddock is a grass paradise for them, as we don't have much grass at home. We have been regulars for the summer since we got the guinea pigs."
Cath and Nicola

"Our 4th visit at least. Always a worry leaving animals, but not here as we know they are going to be well cared for, checked for fly strike and have plenty of grass and hay. We can go on holiday without that niggling concern about the buns! A brilliant holiday for them too."
Rose and Gill on behalf Dill and Tansy

"Thank-you Jackie and Keith for looking after Louis yet again. The only worry I have is that he never wants to come We will see you again soon. Thanks again X"

"Our rabbits have been coming here for many years. It's great to know they are being well cared for. Jackie and Keith are both brilliant. Thanks very much."
Kate Driscoll and family

"We wouldn't take our rabbits anywhere else. A lovely place with lovely people. Would recommend to all."
The Evison family x

"Marley has been to stay numerous times now and we wouldn't take him anywhere else. Jackie and Keith are true animal lovers and take fantastic care of him. Highly recommended."
Luke and Lorna Mosley

"We've been boarding our rabbits here for 3 years and have found the service to be excellent, friendly and helpful. Highly recommended."
Mark and Sue Coombes

"I've been bringing my rabbits here for years and wouldn't take them anywhere else. Excellent facilities and real individual care."
Pam O'Hara

"Our guinea pigs are on their 4th holiday and the success of any business is based on how many times you go back!"

"Our guinea pigs are always nervous on the journey here but when we get to Congresbury they settle in immediately, and they never want to come back!"
Nibs Rose Emmy Jess Kath

"Our guinea pigs, Poppy and Ginger, always really enjoy their holiday here. The service here is wonderful and we expect the guinea pigs to enjoy many more holidays here in the future."
Stuart, Helen and Will

"Our 2 rabbits, Sniffy and Toffee have been coming here for a number of years. We know they are always taken care of and enjoy coming here for their holidays. An excellent service for all!!"
Mrs Whaites

"Our 2 guinea pigs, Jack and Sooty come here and have done for 2 years and are really well looked after. It's a delight to come here, really friendly and welcoming. The guinea pigs are really well looked after. It's really good if you want to go on holiday and think the pets enjoy it and are really well looked after."
Liz, Alex, Lucy and Edward

"We always bring our 2 rabbits here. They love their holidays here. Jackie taught us how to care for our rabbits properly, greatly appreciated. Good service and lovely people."
Sarah King

"Solo absolutely loves it here! Even though she is really fussy you always manage to keep her alive! It's such a relief knowing she is in such good hands while we are away. She will definitely be coming back soon. Thank you so much!"
Solo and Madeleine Sparshott

"Thank you for looking after Buttons so well. See you next year."
The Chaffes

"Thank you for giving our bunny such a lovely 'home from home'... a wonderful friendly service and we always come back every year."
The Fergusons and Snufkin the bunny - Bristol

"Thank you for having Marmalade again at such short notice. We can leave him here and know he is going to be very well cared for with plenty of food and grass to eat. Thank you."
Sarah Roads - Wrington

"Thanks for looking after Herbie and Butterfly again. We know they are always in safe hands and are well looked after. You are definitely worth the journey."
The Tweedies - Puriton

"Lovely food and care, lots of space for the animals. On behalf of Fern and Popsy and Andy the rabbits. Also Noodle, Sushi and Dumpling, the guinea pigs. We have been bringing our animals here for 8 years and it's always good."
Teresa Stratford and family

"Vanilla and Spotty love coming to stay here very much., they are always very spoilt rabbits and we love Jackie and Keith very much too! Xx"

"A great place for a bunny holiday. Our bunnies are always totally chilled when they come here. Various rabbits have been coming to Venus Street for 4 years now and I am sure they recognize it when they arrive!"
Sally Sterland - Long Ashton

"A superb place for us to leave our rabbits. Always accommodating and never a problem. A credit to Jackie and Keith."
Stuart, Debbie and Grace - Congresbury

"We've been coming here for 4 years and leave Lucy knowing she is in very good hands. She has a lovely time here and is always in a better mood when we pick her up!"
Natalie Hood